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Download iOS 5 (iPhone 4S) GUI PSD

Apple has released iOS 5 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad back on October 12th as it was promised at the iPhone 4S launch event. Where, iPhone 4S officially went on sale on October 14th. People start getting their pre-ordered iPhone 4S and others are still getting.

A Photoshop files packed of iOS 5 firmware in iPhone 4S has been made available in GUI PSD form to help designers and developers to create iOS application mockups for the new OS 5 firmware. Thanks to the Teehan+Lax, for uploading the PSD iOS 5 GUI packed in the .zip format, available for download after the break.

One thing to be sure of here is that this OS is tighter from a design standpoint than its ever been before. Apple’s passion and attention to detail is something that every designer and developer needs to have. Without it, you’re simply not putting your best foot forward. Now, go make epic shit.

download PSD file (iOS GUI iPhone 4S)

iOS 5 psd

GUI(Disk Cleaner)

Disk Cleaner

GUI, psd/png/jpg

This design is for a disk-cleaning software, skin design, which includes eight functional icons. of course, you can customize according to your need to change, and the Photoshop source file is included all layers. the whole style is simple and generous.


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Files Available



clean, blue, interface, detail


software interface design–The Dark Crystal

The Dark Crystal

GUI, psd/png/jpg/Tutorial

The Dark Crystal is our first attempt of the software interface design, which is a special template for common software, every detail is designed carefully and four operational icons are provided. You can modify according to your needs. All layers are clear and separate, and the entire package contains PSD file, Boxes, Icon and JPG image. In addition, a introduction of our design process is as a present for your learn and use.


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Files Available



Black, Interface, Detail, Texture, Highlight