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IconNice Big Bundle

25 iOS app web templates and more!

This Bundle includes:
25 iOS app web templates (Psd + Html + JQuery + Php)
192 vector icons (EPS + PSD)
Sale stickers (Psd)

25 iOS app web templates \ 192 vector icons \ Sale sticker

New IOS templates.All
templates have been updates.

Working contact form with
dynamic javascript validation.

jQuery enhanced:
Fancybox, easySlider1.5

100% hand coded HTML
PSD files included.

Compatibility (IE 6, IE 7 , IE 8 ,
Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).

PNG transparency code.

Why Hand Coding is better?
Less Code

Small file sizes produce websites that load fast on any type of Internet connection even dial-up.

Trojan is difficult to invade
Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Results

Proper html with an external CSS style sheet allows Search Engines to focus on areas of importance without needing to sort through
all kinds of meaningless code.

Maintenance and Update Ease

With CSS located in an external style sheet, updates and changes are easier and faster. If you choose to change the color of a link
site-wide, you change ONE bit of CSS code in the external style sheet. It is not necessary to scan every html page to find every link.

Better Design Consistency

Consistency throughout the website increases the chances of a more enjoyable experience for the viewer. Since all banners are
located in the same place, as well as menu items the visitor's eye doesn't have to relearn how your website works every time they
go to a new page. This technique delivers a very professional and visually appealing website to all visitors.

All ownership and copyright of the licensed design remain the property of IconNice. The templates can be used for personal, commercial, and client projects, including advertising, web design, software application, multimedia design, film, video, and so on.

You may not sub-license, resell, rent, transfer, or redistribute the templates without express written permission from IconNice. You may not place these licensed templates on any website in a complete or archived downloadable format. You may not use the templates to create pornographic, obscene, libelous, or defamatory material.

All licensed templates are provided "As is". You agree to hold IconNice harmless for any result that may occur during the course of using, or inability to use these licensed templates.

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4.If you haven’t received the download link ,we’ll send it to your e-mail within 24 hours.

Notes: if you don't get it or have any questions, please contact us iconnice@gmail.com
we'll reply within 24 hours :)

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